“Your body can be your greatest teacher if you have the patience to listen
and the courage to face what you find on the journey.”

- Vanessa Dodds

Vanessa Guimarães Dodds, born and raised in Truckee, California is an insured, perceptive, multi-faceted wellness practitioner. A Hatha Yoga Instructor, certified by the Brazilian Yoga Alliance and a Conscious Chef, Vanessa understands the importance of therapeutic movement of the body and conscious dietary choices in the overall health of her clients.


Specialized in Fascia Therapy  - a gentle form of body work, she is able to take a hands-on approach to easing pain and overcoming psycho-somatic symptoms. Also an Access Consciousness® Certified Bars Facilitator and Facelift Practitioner, she is able to assist clients with stress, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia and other symptoms by activating points on the cranium that aid clients in accessing consciousness and shifting perspectives. A Reiki Master initiated into the Brazilian School of Reiki, Vanessa enjoys practicing with children, animals and adults.